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DEFIHERO is a public project managed by an international team, which makes up an international platform.
DEFIHERO’s main goal is to create the world the best platform for buying, protecting and collecting
digital collections.
Creating a digital art market builds collaborative relationships between artists, collectors and art lovers. The purpose of DEFIHERO is to provide equity and transparency in online marketing by building an effective platform while delivering blockchain to millions of people.


  1. To give any person, the ability to sell, Shop and have digital art.
    2. Hosting a diverse community of artists easy integration from culture platforms
    3. Facilitate and reward participants’ participation in these new products that are being distributed, allowing participants to apply ownership of works uploaded by artists.
    4. Derivates at DeFi

Objectives :
Build the first NFT platform for multiple chains
One of our most important goals to follow is to become the first NFT platform for multiple chains, so that users have their NFTs on multiple chains.
We have a plan in place to support the majors of EVM’s key compatible blockchains, among others:

  • Binance Smart Chain
    • Polygon

Derivates at DeFi :
What is excluded are financial contracts the amount of which depends on the underlying asset or a group of goods. Most used stocks, bonds, funds, assets, market indicators and recent years cryptocurrencies. Amount of the underlying assets are constantly changing depending on market conditions. Basic the principle of entering into contracts obtained for profit by guessing at the value of basic assets in the future.

Four main types of contracts from options, forward, future and you exchange.
Options: Options are contractual contracts that give the buyer the right to buy / sell Basic assets at a fixed price for a period of time.
The future: The future is general contracts that allow the manager to buy / sell goods at the agreed price on a specified date.
Forward: Forwarders are like future contracts where the owner is under obligation to make a contract. But the best are not known and they are not selling in stock trading.
Exchanges: Exchanges are contracts based on which two parties exchange their funds bonds. Cash flow is based on the principal amount agreed upon between the two sides without the exchange of the principal.
For Defi, unlike CeFi, no broker is required. Instead, stay automatically occurs with a chain, in which the terms of the agreement are fulfilled. Crossroads DeFi and derivatives is a gamechanger, which also brings another limitless, low barrier, a financial tool in the world.
Foreign markets are very easily accessible. They can be used by anyone with an Internet connection with the Ethereum wallet, wherever you are or social status. This compares with the traditional financial sector, in particular it works for those who live in rich and powerful countries. Old is based on custom
In DeFi it’s easy, cheap, and can be done by anyone. In the traditional financial system, the process of building and listing new the alternatives are very complex and the costs involved are close to a million USD. Due to-this, the output of the bulk is created by the big banks which can make it I improper and inefficient market related to DeFi
As mentioned in the Introduction, the recent rise in high-level exchanges years, resolving several issues and limitations exceeding one traditional one exchanges such as reducing security risks through blockchains of inefficiency, has brought a lot of interest and attention and provided some new ones and a new exit trading experience.
DEFIHERO is designed to bring all the low-income financial benefits while bringing the traditional medium financial and tools experience to the board. The platform offers easy trading and chain access from the top, low slip and low cost on Crypto assets and expansion systems have gone traditional assets, shares and assets in the future.

Our job:

Our final task is to adopt crypto to the next level.
We believe the blockchain is the most important invention of our time, probably just the same size as me on the world wide web. And like the Internet, the blockchain has the potential to give humanity ways to make the world a better place.
Cryptocurrencies empower us all to make ecosystems independent and equal and create new opportunities. Our goal is to advance this future by finding new and inclusive ways to accelerate mass adoption and bring non-crypto people across the board.

Our Vision :

By building profitable businesses backed by a distributed economy, we create awareness and introduce real-world use of crypto tokens beyond speculation.
Our primary goal is to bring 10M users to crypto through DEFIHERO, a real business application case that combines market interest (sports, social, and arts), powerful tokenomics.
We believe in integration, zoning, and efficiency, which is why we will launch our public sale in Pancakeswap v2. We will strive to make this project an integral part of the multiple ecosystem like Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Solana
DEFIHERO is a deflationary affiliate token that is designed for maximum efficiency and use. Taxes may vary depending on the use case. The key functions are described below.
Deflation: DEFIHERO is a deflationary token with 5% added value to all transactions
Smart Staking: 0–2% of each activity is evenly distributed among all owners as a reward for the pas 10 nation. Our Smart Staking machine is built from scratch so it works best with 10 and safety.
Burn: 0–8% of each transaction is burned permanently, ensuring a permanent supply of DEFIHERO

Our View :

Available in several countries, our team is diverse formed by Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.
The DEFIHERO team wants to improve the work of talented artists and give them a round appearance Earth.

The biggest challenge for the team is the defense system artists work and avoid online cheating a world where it is difficult to protect and secure you product ID?
Blockchain launch and The NFT system will enable us to solve many problems of problems found in the traditional market (cheating, oddity, authenticity).
Use of blockchain technology to support artists around the world and develop their own working while providing a safe environment be the core of our business platform.
This team is eliminated by the community that supports the project.
In addition, the DEFIHERO team is selective social media by providing it an opportunity to contribute to the development of project.
After the launch of the DEFIHERO token, 100% the community group is made to work closely working with the development team.

NFT Market :

By definition, tangible property is a type of asset that can be exchanged goods of the same type. Money is a tangible asset. After borrowing $ 100, the borrower can repay the amount can be a combination of different loans programs or a separate $ 100 bill. The $ 100 dollar value remains the same in both cases.
Non-mold token in the world of blockchain technology and low-cost investments developed equally. NFT is a type of non-fungible token property. Instead of fiat currencies such as USD, AUD, or GBP, these tokens can stand a work of art, a treasure, or a collection. Popular digital games, such as Decentraland as well CryptoKitties, use these tokens often.
There are a few factors that make a token indestructible. First, ownership of NFT is different. Cannot install another similar NFT. These tokens are inseparable. All NFT defined ownership and rights.
DEFIHERO will use Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana. We’ve selected these blockchains distribution, efficiency and safety capabilities. The Ethereum blockchain can take the proposed load of billions of hashes.
For example, the use of Polygon is intended to aid development blockchain game with NFTs. Polygon mentions Ethereum’s major limitations — including its login, bad user information (high speed and delays transactions), and a lack of public administration — using novelchain chain Solution.


Total Supply: 100 million on 2 different chains,
Total Supply on Binance Smart Chain: 50 Million
Total Supply on Polygon (Matic ) : 50 Million
5% of DefiHero are locked for 1 year for TEAM; after 1 year 10% of it every 3 months will get unlock.
private sale 20%
Public sale 40%
Staking 30%
Partnerships 5%
(RFI) TECHNOLOGY: Hold & Earn RFI works by applying a 1% fee to each transaction and instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token Holders do not need to stake or wait for fees to be delivered. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and are immediately reflected in the holder’s balance.


  • Oct 4, 2021 Private Sale
    Anyone can join the Private Sale.
    - Oct 15, 2021 Public Sale
    DefiHero Public Sale.
    - Oct 21, 2021 Add liquidity & Open Farms
    Liquidity will be immediately added to PancakeSwap and QuickSwap. DefiHero tokens will now be tradable on the Swapping interface.
    Users can use Liquidity Token to stake on Farm. LP providers will
    start getting rewards for providing liquidity
    - Oct 22, 2021 Open NFT & Classic Pools
    Pools will be available at this step for staking tokens. Token stakers can generate passive incomes through our rewards system
    - Oct 26, 2021 Open Derivatives
    At this point Future trading will be available with max 125X leverage
    - Oct 30, 2021 List on CMC, CG
    DefiHero listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
    - Nov, 2021 Android & iOS App launch


Divided funds (“Defi”) have long been recommended as a means of universal access financial instruments that had been limited to leading investors. We believe that the goal.
We also believe that the available technology creates robust, secure technology for key building that will protect the identity of the owners of money and money. This happy future can and should be it is available to everyone, not just those who can afford high incomes and weather dynamic markets.
Everything we have built and will build on DEFIHERO should be accessible to everyone.


As the saying goes, it is not enough to do a good job, it must be seen to be done. Usually, modern financial tools are covered with jargon and difficulty — making access to only a few. DEFIHERO considers transparency as a key element of our operations. We speak openly language. We clearly explain what we are going to do — and then we do it. That’s the way we are build trust.


By investing in DEFIHERO, you become part of our work of using technology to create great harmony and stability in the world: not only the balance between humanity as well nature but among all of us who live on this planet.
Your investment will help make financial tools available to everyone, not just a select few. You will create greater access to distributed funds, create profits for all types of investors, especially those who have been historically denied access. By investing in DEFIHERO, you can feel good about it the future you help build

Easy-to-Use AI Flash Loans

No this will not do everything for you, but it will make it much easier for you to do it. You will be able to set up arbitrage trading on exchanges such as Pancake Swap or Uniswap using our coins in just a minute. Our AI technology will give you the information you need to understand if the business you are considering makes sense, before you decide to pursue it.

Not Just a Merchant Here
You are like the Owner

With DEFIHERO, our governing token, you can help determine the future of the exchange. As we grow older, you grow richer! If you do a few trades each week, you will also get a small portion of the trading volume. Also, you get to make decisions about which services should come first. If you are full enough of those SOKING, we may need to find a parking space with your name on it.
No KYC = Privacy
We respect your privacy. With the freedom of DEFIHERO Swap , all you have to do is connect your wallet and make your own swaps. What a simple, truly shared experience!
DEFIHERO has the following properties:
A total of 1% is used for each sale.











DeFi, NFT, Derivatives and Farming Combined.